Mrtn.Brkmnd = Martin Birkmand

Hi! I'm Martin Birkmand. I'm a computer scientist who has a somewhat broad spectrum of interests. Most of them has come online and are described below.

Computer Science

Regarding Computer Science my projects can be found here. I of course have a Github. For some reason I have build an online terminal, it can be found at I'm primarily interested in languages and the linguistic side of computer science. But my interests also cover the more theoretical math side of computer science. Not to mention everything related to security - that be protection against malicious agents (hackers and what not) or the matter of personal privacy online.


I have for some years been taking photos. A selection of those can be found here.


I have on and off been playing some instrument since I was 10 years old or so. I have been playing guitar for a decade or so after which I switched to drums. I also play bass - that is if I can't find anyone else to do it for me. I have a collection of songs that can be found here. Besides that I have a youtube channel.


I have for some years been writing poetry. Sometimes I write short stories - though rarely. Up till now I have only written fictionally in my mother tongue = danish. My writings can be found here.


I have a blog written in english. And I have blogaden - a blog written in danish. These two differ totally in content.

The Rest

Besides my outputs I have several inputs. I listen to a lot of music. Genres varies, lately mainly jazz. I watch a lot of movies, again genres varies. And I like to read when I have the time - both fictional and non.


You can find info on how to contact me on the contact page here. I also have contact info on my Danish about page.